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    Poultry House Butler with 12 V plug transformer

    from JOSTechnik (JT-PHB) also called a hen house flap gate controller or electronic door opener/closer does automatically open and close flap gates or other optionally available vertical sliding gates up to 3 kg* on the poultry or hen house, aviary, or small animal enclosure by using a pull cord.

    The Poultry House Butler from JOSTechnik has integrated sensors and control elements which allow to open and close flap gates depending on:
    - the ambient brightness (light sensor)
    - specific times (time switch with daily program and weekend program or two switching
      times per day for opening and closing)
    - the combination brightness and time
    - the use of the integrated pushbuttons
    - the use of a radio remote controller (optional available)

    The radio remote control, the external push buttons and the external remote indicator are optional. Non-dimmable 230 V lamps, heaters and ventilators can also be controlled and they have to be connected by using special additional connection modules. It is possible to prevent or delay the opening when the outside temperature is to low. Therefore an integrated temperature sensor or an external temperature sensor is available.

    The position of the flap gate is reported by:
    - the display of the device
    - an integrated red/green LED

    An integrated temperature sensor will measure the ambient temperature and can initialize different switching operations:
    - If used as an inside temperature sensor in the poultry house the device can switch heaters and ventilators depending on the temperature. For each of these devices the installation of a separate electronic power switch for 230 V is necessary.
    - If used as an outside temperature sensor it is possible to prevent or delay the opening when the outside temperature is to low.

    The integrated light sensor can also be used to switch the light in the poultry house. Therefore the installation of a separate electronic power switch for 230 V is necessary.

    If there is an animal under the flap the closing process, the motor of the automatic chicken flap JT-HK is automatically stopped when it is put on. The emergency stop closing procedure is repeated 2 times automatically. The emergency stop function is deactivated on the fourth closing attempt.

    The device includes an LCD-display and is menu-driven. All menu items and parameters can be displayed in different languages and can be changed by the use of bush buttons. Following custom settings are possible:
    1. Brightness values for open/close the flap gate
    2. Current time, switching times for open/close the flap gate
    3. Outside temperature threshold to prevent the opening process
    4. Inside temperature range to turn and off a heater and/or ventilator
    5. Outside brightness to turn on and off the lighting in the poultry house
    7. Option: In combination with the separate available light control JT-PLMmini  Start for imitation of “sunrise” in the morning / Start for imitation of “sunset” in the evening.

    The main display shows following states and values:
    1. Current day, current time / software version
                 it alternates with
    2. Current day, current time / inside temperature**, outside temperature**, open or closed and state of the light sensor

    More states are displayed by different coloured LEDs.

    The device needs a 12 V DC power supply. It has an integrated polarity protection. The internal switch clock is battery-backed. The adjusted data are memorized in the system and will be restored after a power cut. When the power is back the system starts a self initialisation and recovers the previous settings.

    With the integrated menu-driven switch clock the following functions can be selected:
    - JT-PHB opens or closes only by the timer, the light sensor is idle
    - JT-PHB opens or closes only by light sensor, the timer is idle
    - JT-PHB opens or closes by timer in combination with light sensor
    - JT-PHB opens or closes by timer or by the light sensor
    - JT-PHB opens or closes by hand using the push buttons or radio remote control or in combination with timer and/or light sensor.

    The device is weather-proofed (IP65) and can be used inside the poultry house as well as in the outdoor area. The optional plug transformer is designed for indoor use only!

    *  Please inform us together with your order about the flap wight if you don't use a flap from JOSTechnik, because the devices are preadjusted for a weight of 2 kg.
    ** It depends on the mounting location of the device, both together needs an additional remote temperature sensor (must be ordered separately).

    Scope of delivery:
    - JT-PHB gate control unit with (integrated) light sensor, temperature sensor and switch clock
      Dimensions: width 120 mm,  length 120 mm,  hight 70 mm
    - wall plug transformer  230 V AC / 12 V DC  (for indoor use only!)
    - Flap gate for Hen House + 2 rails + fastening material

    Please download the operation instructions in accordance with the reference on your invoice and read it carefully before you start the commissioning of the JT-PHB!!!

    Not an assembly kit, no handicraft work, but a unit that is immediately ready for use!

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