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Chicken coop / Other small animal stables

Chicken coop / Other small animal stables

Chicken coops and other small animal coops from JOSTechnik - a beautiful home for your poultry and small animals

The chicken house is a real "multifunctional building" - chickens sleep there and use it as a feeding place and egg depository. If the weather is inhospitable, the chicken house also serves as a day room
so chickens will appreciate some comfort. Some coops have a separate laying box that can be accessed from the outside, giving your chickens a quiet, undisturbed laying spot. Perches and a chicken ladder as an additional accessory complete the feel-good chicken coop.

What should a suitable chicken coop look like?
The ideal chicken coop depends on the number and type of chickens you want to keep: Larger breeds need more space in the chicken house than smaller ones. If you want to keep a lot of chickens, a multi-story chicken house will provide a lot of space in a small footprint. A chicken coop/aviary combination is practical, with the chicken house positioned elevated from the ground: this gives your chickens a shady retreat underneath and additional run in the integrated outdoor enclosure. Your chickens are well protected from moisture, cold as well as from martens, cats and birds of prey. Cleaning such a chicken house is also more convenient when it is virtually on "stilts". Some coops also have a hinged roof, which is equally good service when cleaning.

The chicken coop - a place of well-being for your chickens
For chickens to feel comfortable in the chicken coop, care should be taken to place it on dry ground, preferably so that the windows face south: This allows the sun to bring light into the darkness and provide warmth in the winter. A place under a deciduous tree is also ideal, so that the foliage provides shade and somewhat mitigates the summer heat. Surely you have already placed your chicken coop in the ideal spot in your mind - now you just have to order it online at JOSTechnik and soon the fowl will take up residence in it.

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