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Automatic feeder, feeder for chickens DIY kit TPE

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    Automatic feeder, feeder for chickens DIY kit 3 TPE

    The DIY feeder kit ( Chicken feeder 2 ) is made TPE - material (TPEs are a family of rubber-like materials that combine the properties of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics).

    The V-seals on the back of the rain cover adapt to a variety of container shapes and surface types, keeping your food drier than flat seals can!
    DIY kit 4 with feed tube spouts made of TPE material is suitable for almost all shapes of containers such as buckets, boxes, garbage cans and troughs.

    Compared to traditional poultry feeders, this DIY kit minimizes feed waste, spillage and mess, saving feeding costs.
    ( This does not mean there is no waste at all, it depends on the actual use. We recommend mounting the DIY feeder tube nozzle at the shoulder height of your chickens. )

    An 90mm hole saw is required, this is not included but can be ordered as an option, and a drill, and a feed bin that can be converted to an automatic chicken feeder in minutes.
    You can place the container at a height of 15 to 25 cm above the ground, so that the chickens can easily eat the feed inside.

    This DIY chicken feed tube feeder is of the highest quality, frost-proof and waterproof.

    This DIY kit is suitable for building a feeder and can be installed in any container, such as buckets, bins, troughs, etc. You can also position the DIY kit in a feeder high and low according to the size of your poultry.

    By means of a drill and the hole saw with Ø 90 mm must be drilled a hole in the feed container ( not included ), at the correct and appropriate height, according to the breed of chicken.

    Scope of delivery: 1 DIY - Kit 3, consisting of 1 feed pipe socket, flange and required screws (without feed container).

                                  Note: Since the feed pipe socket is made of TPE material and is deformable, it may be slightly deformed on delivery due to storage, etc., which is not a warranty case!

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