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Food dispenser + water dispenser with 2 automatic drinkers

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  • Article description

    Food dispenser + water dispenser with 2 automatic drinkers

    Chickens extremely messy eaters, because they flick and spill food everywhere. With the chicken feed dispenser, there is virtually no more mess during feeding time. This feeder overcomes the common problem of wasted feed and less feed is needed. There are so many grains and grain mixes which have been wasted by chickens scattering all their feed on the floor in search of the tastiest piece. The uniquely designed tray that is part of this feeder has special dividers that keep the chickens from scattering the feed from the feed tray onto the floor. This type of feed dispenser saves a lot of money. The feed dispenser holds approximately 3 kg of feed and measures approximately 12.7 x 23 x 51 cm.

    The water dispenser reduces evaporation and spillage, as well as dirty water. The water dispenser contains two professional valve-operated automatic drinkers (used by poultry experts), each of which allows only a small amount of water into the red cup. When the chickens drink from the automatic drinker and the water level drops, the valve automatically refills the drinking cup. With conventional drinkers, the water had to be changed regularly because the chickens had soiled the drinker with dirt. had. Chickens, like us, need a fresh supply of clean water. The water dispenser holds approximately 3.8 liters of water and measures approximately 12.7 x 23 x 51 cm.

    Rain cover
    This waterer and feeder set comes complete with a rain cover for your feeder to keep your feed clean and dry in all weather conditions. The added benefit of the rain cover is that it prevents wild birds like sparrows and pigeons as well as possums, squirrels and rodents from eating from your feeder. No one wants to feed all native wildlife when they are trying to feed just their chickens!

    The feed and water dispenser will not heat up like metal containers or break down easily like other plastic containers on the market. There are customers who have been using the same drink and feed set for 10 years!

    The water and feed dispenser is easily hung on the barn wall or fence using the included mounting hardware, which makes cleaning and filling much easier than hanging drinkers. These are made of nylon plastic and are therefore very robust.
    Chicken feeder and Waterer instructions! 

    Most types of feed such as pellets and grain mixes work well in Royal Rooster's gravity feeders. Some finer grain mixes are unsuitable for use in these feeders in wet weather, as moisture will be absorbed into the feed, affecting the flow of grain into the bowl.

    A big advantage is that these drinkers and feeders take up very little space in your barn. If you have a smaller barn, maximizing space is a major concern. Drinkers for

    Once your chicks are hatched, they can use these waterers. They are ideal for chicks because they can't accidentally drown like in larger water containers. Just make sure you hang the drinker low enough for the chicks to reach. The drinkers are valve-operated so they automatically refill when the water level drops, which means the chicks don't have to peck at the floats for the drinkers to work.

    Scope of delivery:

    - Feed dispenser with rain cover
    - Water dispenser with 2 automatic drinkers
    - Fixing material

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