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Hen house flap gate / Poultry Door Opener

 JOSTechnik Automatic Gate Control Units

The Gate Control Units, also called a hen house flap gate or an electronic chicken door opener / closer, designed by JOSTechnik (, automatically opens and closes flap gates or other optionally available vertical sliding gates using a cable pull on the poultry or hen house or aviary via a dimmer switch and has an additionally selectable delay of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. The sensitivity of the integrated dimmer switch can be set separately for light and darkness. If an animal should be found under the sliding gate during the closing process, the motor is automatically stopped when contact is made.

Not an assembly kit, no handicraft work, but a unit that is immediately ready for use!

Our abbreviations:

JT = JOSTechnik
HK = chicken door
HK2 = chicken flap with more connection options
HK-BAT = chicken flap battery
HK-ZSU = chicken door with timer (produced until 06/2022)
HK3 = Further development of HK2 (from 04/2023)
HKM = Multi-henhouse flap - control up to four flaps with one flap actuator (from 09/2022)
PHB = Poultry House Butler (produced until 2019)
PHB2 = Poultry House Butler with more connectivity
PSD = Poultry Security Door (produced until 2021)
PDO = Poultry Door Opener (produced until 06/2019)
-R = frame device - The control unit is mounted directly on the frame of the flap
-S = solar

The Control Units are controlled by daylight, by time or in combination of both. Related functions can be set by using a simple menu-driven operation unit by means of clock timer display.

The JT-PHB offers the additional options to connect external heaters, ventilators and lamps! It is possible to set two different times per day for opening and closing a door. The setup of times can be made separately for days of the week and for weekends. The outside temperature can also be used to control the opening and closing procedures. Several languages are available and can be selected in the menu.


The JT-HK and the JT-PHB have a safety function that prevents unwanted opening and closing what could be caused by external light (car headlights, lightening, etc.)
If the sliding gate or the flap gate come in contact with an obstacle (animal) when closing, the closing process will be automatically stopped and will by automatically repeated several times.
All gate control units are set for a suspension set weight of 0.4 to a max. of 2 kg. For other weight settings, an indication must be made when ordering!

Power supply:
As power supply the JT-HK and the JT-PHB are using 12 V DC. They can be delivered either with a 12 V plug-transformer or with a solar energy set SES...

Manual control
Connections for external push-buttons and radio remote control are provided and both devices are available as options.

Both devices are designed for indoor use as well as outdoor use.
The JT-HK Automatic Gate Control Unit and the JT-PHB have a weatherproof housing with a transparent cover and should not be continuously exposed to UV radiation.

Optional accessories:
- electronic timer with menu-driven display control unit for the JT-HK Gate Control Unit (in JT-PHB already implemented)
- outdoor light sensor
- radio remote control or external push-button
- sliding gates made of aluminium, various sizes, optional with self locking system
- Poultry Light Manager mini (JT-PLM mini) for simulation of sunrise and sunset (only for use with JT-PHB)
- connection modules for heater, ventilator and not dimmable 230 V lamps (only for use with the JT-PHB)

Functions of the Gate Control Unit HK-ZSU, HK2, HK-BAT, Poulty House Butler PHB und PHB2...:

- open or close only by using the clock timer, not by using the light sensor (dimmer switch DS)
- open or close only by using the light sensor (dimmer switch DS) not by using the time control
- open or close by using the clock timer and the light sensor (dimmer switch DS)
- open or close by using the clock timer and/or the light sensor (dimmer switch DS)

- Flap gate should be opened at 6:00 in the morning.
- Flap gate should be opened in the morning when it is light enough.
- Flap gate should be opened in the morning at 6:00 or  when it is light enough.
- Flap gate should be opened in the morning at 6:00 and  it must be light enough.

- Flap gate should be closed at 20:00 in the evening.
- Flap gate should be closed in the evening when it gets dark.
- flap gate should be closed in the evening at 20:00 or  when it gets dark.
- Flap gate should be closed in the evenings at 20:00 and  it must be dark.
The JT-PDO offers the additional possibility to adjust all this function depending on the outside temperature.

Technical data:
- JT-KS: L / W / H    120 mm   / 120 mm /   60 mm
- JT-PDO: L / W / H 120 mm / 120 mm / 60 mm
- operating voltage: 12 V DC (direct-current voltage) using a plug-in power supply
- load capacity: 400 g to 3 kg*, using deflection rollers as a pulley somewhat higher level of weight

*  Please inform us together with your order about the flap wight if you don't use a flap from JOSTechnik, because the devices are preadjusted for a weight of 2 kg.

The JT-HK and the JT-PHB should be fastened in such a way that the internal cord will be pulled straight out of the JT-HK Electronic Gate Control Unit. Avoid pulling it out at an angle!
The sliding gate or the flap gate must fastened in the state of being open using the cord (cable pull) at the fastening point (aluminium nut), which is located at the bottom side of the housing. When assembling indoors, an outdoor light sensor is require (see assembly).

Download the user manual according the advice on your invoice and read it carefully before you start to activate the device!!!

The cord (cable pull) of the sliding gate or the flap gate can be guided using the cable pulleys or the deflection rollers; therefore, attachment of the JT-HK or the JT-PHB is variable

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