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Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM)
Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM) The Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM) is an electronic device what was created to control lighting and temperature in poultry houses. The device is able to simulate sunrise and sunset. It is possible to connect dimmable 12V DC LED-lamps as well as dimmable fluorescent tubes with an electronic control gear (ECG) with a controller input voltage of 1 - 10 volts.

The Poultry Light Manger (JT-PLM) also gives the opportunity to operate an automatic heating if the inside temperature undershots an adjustable temperature threshold. The heating will be stopped again if the adjusted upper temperature treshold was reached.

As heating units infra-red lamps as well as normal electric heaters can be used. The power supply of these devices is based on 230 V AC. For that reason it is necessary to use the relay connection unit JT-Rel-HL.

An automatic ventilation is equally applicable. It can be used if the inside temperature exceeds an adjustable temperature threshold. The ventilation will be automatically switched off if the adjustable lower limit for ventilation was reached.

12 V–DC devices can be used as ventilation units as well as devices on 230 V-AC power. For connecting 230 V-AC devices the additional relay connection unit JT-Rel-HL has to be used.
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