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Misting Systems

Misting Systems

Air cooling - fog cooling by very fine water mist, generated by an ecological and energy saving high pressure water mist system. Hot summer air will be decreased up to 10 C° !

Areas of application are almost unlimited. It can be used for terraces, animal sheds, farms, workshops, pub gardens, party tents, leisure facilities, pool areas, winter gardens, wellness areas and so on.

Evaporative cooling as an alternative cooling system of the future with a high degree of energy saving !!
Evaporative cooling: Whenever a liquid evaporates the process needs some additional energy to mobilize the molecules of the liquid and thereby the surrounding matter is deprived of this energy which results in a cooling effect. As smaller the droplet size is as bigger is the surface of all droplets and their energy absorption capacity = effective evaporation!The adiabatic cooling is based on evaporation of water in the air without any further energy input from outside!

Those tiny water droplets are generated by our high pressure misting system FG150 what uses a high pressure of 1000 PSI (70 bar) to create a hovering fog.

Cooling with water mist for pup gardens - terraces and much more!!
Humidification-cooling systems will help you to get a cool, smooth and cosy climate in your outdoor area. Ultra-fine water mist reduces the temperature, increases the resting time in pub gardens, on terraces and brings cosiness! Now you and your guests can breathe easily, a comfort which you and your guests never want to miss again!


Cool-air humidification for stables
Ultra-fine water mist increases the humidity up to 95 % without any droplet occurrence and keep it also on a constant level. The evaporation chill causes a lower room temperature without any additional energy intake. In our zones this procedure is used to cool down rooms in livestock farming or in greenhouses. That helps to save energy. In hot regions it is also a very suitable method to cool down the air temperature in outside areas.
Because of the ultra-fine water fog the animals will not get wet, the dust formation in the shed will be reduced and the humidity will be kept on a good level. An environment what is too dry often causes animals health problems because of drying out their mucous membranes. The cool-air humidification helps the animals to feel better even if the outside temperature exceeds 30 °C. The animals will take enough food the environment is free of unpleasant flying insect because they will be expelled from the shed by increased humidity. The appearance and spread of bad smell will be minimized indoors as well as outdoors due to the use of the water mist sytem.


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