Poultry House Butler PHB2 - chicken flap and light control

Gewählt: Control unit with integrated drive
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Gewählt: Control unit with integrated drive
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    Poultry House Butler PHB2 - chicken flap + light control + Control for heating and ventilation

    automatically opens and closes chicken flaps in poultry and chicken houses, aviaries or small animal enclosures at dusk and / or at dusk and controls the lighting with simulation of sunrise and sunset, Control for heating and ventilation

    It is planned to protect the PHB2 as an individual and frame device within the scope of a patent (EP3822445) application.

    The Poultry House Butler PHB2 is equipped with sensors and control elements which allow the opening and closing of the door depending on the temperature:

    - Ambient brightness (twilight switch) with adjustable closing time delay
    - Time (timer) with day and weekend programme or two closing and opening times a day
    - Combination of twilight sensor and timer
    - via radio remote control or via GSM module with Android smartphone (both optionally available)
    - integrated hand switch

    Non-dimmable 230 V lighting as so-called local light, heating or fan can be connected and switched using connection modules. The opening of the flap can be prevented or delayed at low outside temperatures, a temperature sensor is available in the device or can be connected externally.

    The main function of the lighting control is to provide the optimum amount of light depending on the current duration of daylight. The lighting control automatically switches on the stable lighting at a time that you can set and dims the light from 0% to 100% (sunrise) within a specified time. The barn lighting is automatically switched off when the associated light sensor detects a preset outdoor brightness. If the outdoor light brightness has already been reached before the start of dimming (summer), the dimming process is not started.
    In the evening, the stall lighting is automatically switched on (100%) by the associated light sensor. The dimming process starts from 100% to 0% (sunset) depending on a time that you can set. The lighting is then switched off completely at the set time. Here, too, the lighting control only becomes active if the outside brightness falls below a preset level, i.e. in summer the dimming process is not carried out for most of the time.

    Various light sources are possible as lighting sources for the stable. Dimmable LED lamps with 12V DC operating voltage from JOSTechnik can be connected directly to the lighting control system. Alternatively, the use of dimmable fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast EVG (so-called T5 tubes) is possible. This, however, requires an additional JT-Rel-Ls connection unit, which enables 230V AC devices to be used for lighting control. It is not possible to use normal incandescent lamps!


    The status of the damper gate valve is displayed:

    - in the device display
    - red/green LED visible from a distance
    - via smartphone with Android system when using the GSM module (GSM module cannot be retrofitted, but can only be installed when ordering a new GSM module)

    The PHB2 contains a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the environment and can thus trigger various switching operations:
    -When used with an indoor temperature sensor, an electric heat lamp can be switched on (if the stable temperature is too low) or a fan can be switched on for 12V DC for max. 5 hours.
     230V accessories require an additional circuit breaker for mains voltage in a separate housing.
    -When used with an outdoor temperature sensor, the opening of the damper can be delayed or prevented at low outdoor temperatures.

    If there is an animal under the slider during the closing process, the PHB2 motor is automatically stopped when the slider is put on and the flap is immediately opened again. The emergency stop closing procedure is repeated 2 times automatically. The emergency stop function is deactivated on the fourth closing attempt. No animal has to free itself under the load of the flap as usual with all other manufacturers!

    The PHB2-RH is equipped with a multiline display which can be used to change all settings via a multilingual menu at the touch of a button. The following settings are possible and changeable:
    1. brightness value open slider, brightness value close slider
    2. current time, switching time open slider, switching time close slider
    3. do not open outside temperature for slide valve
    4. switch on internal temperature for heater or fan (switch off automatically)
    5. switching on the stable lighting depending on the outdoor brightness (switching off takes place automatically)
    6. start "sunrise" in the morning / start "sunset" in the evening

     The main display shows the following states and values:
    1. day and time / software version
               in alternation with
    2. day and time / temperature outside* , temperature inside*, open or closed, status light sensor
    Further status displays are provided by LEDs in different colours.
    The PHB2-RH is designed for connection to 12 V DC and has reverse polarity protection. The internal clock is battery-buffered and continues to run even if the supply voltage fails. The set data are stored in the system and are available immediately even after a power failure and subsequent return. The PHB2-RH initializes itself automatically after power supply and remembers the last state before the failure of the supply voltage. This is taken up again when the power supply returns.

     The following functions can be set on the integrated menu-driven display:
    - PHB2 closes and opens only by timer, not by light sensor
    - PHB2 closes and opens by light sensor only, not by time
    - PHB2 closes and opens only by light sensor + adjustable closing time delay
    - PHB2 closes and opens via timer and light sensor
    - PHB2 closes and opens via timer or light sensor
    - PHB2 closes and opens manually with pushbutton or radio remote control or in combination with timer and/or light sensor

     - Automatic heating of the barn when the temperature falls below a selectable indoor temperature. The heating is switched off when an adjustable upper heating temperature is reached. Both infrared heating lamps and electric radiators can be used as heat sources. These devices are supplied with 230V AC and require the additional connection unit JT-Rel-HL from JOSTechnik.
    - Automatic ventilation of the barn if a selectable indoor temperature is exceeded. The ventilation is switched off when an adjustable lower ventilation temperature is reached. Devices with 12V DC operating voltage as well as 230V AC can be used as fans/fans. For 230V devices the additional connection unit JT-Rel-HL from JOSTechnik is required.

     The device can be used both outdoors and indoors. The plug-in power supply unit is only suitable for indoor use. Operation of the external devices requires a 230V mains connection.

    * Depending on the installation location of the device, both together only with additional remote temperature sensor (to be ordered separately).

    Scope of delivery:
    - Poultry House Butler PHB2 with (integrated) light sensor, temperature sensor, timer and coiled pull cord
    - Dimensions: width 120 mm, length 120 mm, height 55 mm
    - Power supply 230 V / 12 V DC ( Approved for indoor use! )

    Connections for external remote display are provided!

    Download the operating instructions according to the instructions on the invoice and read them through before putting into operation!!!!

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