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Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM)

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  • Article description

    The Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM)

    is an electronic device what was created to control lighting and temperature in poultry houses. The device is able to simulate sunrise and sunset. It is possible to connect dimmable 12V DC LED-lamps as well as dimmable fluorescent tubes with an electronic control gear (ECG with a controller output voltage of 1-10 volts).

    The Light Manager (JT-PLM) automatically switches on the lighting in the poultry house at an adjustable time and starts to dim the light within a fixed given time from 0% to 100% (simulation of sunrise). As soon as an adjustable outside light sensor has detected the threshold of daylight, the artificial lighting will be automatically switched off. In case that the daylight has reached the default threshold before the dimmer start time (during summer) the dim process will not be started.

    In the evening the light sensor initializes to turn on the artificial light in the hen house with a light level of 100%. In accordance with a predefined time the dim process starts at 100% and turns slowly down to 0% (simulation of sunset). Afterwards the lighting will be shut down completely. For that procedure the light controller will just take action if the outside light sensor indicates that the daylight comes below an adjustable threshold, that means during summertime the dim process will mostly not be started.

    The Poultry Light Manager (JT-PLM) includes some more useful capabilities:
    1. Automatic heating if the inside temperature undershots an adjustable temperature threshold. The heating will be stopped again if the adjusted upper temperature limit was reached.
    As heating units infra-red lamps as well as normal electric heaters can be used. The power supply of these devices is based on 230 V AC. For that reason it is necessary to use the relay connection unit JT-Rel-HL.
    2. Automatic ventilation if the inside temperature exceeds an adjustable temperature threshold. The ventilation will be automatically switched off if the adjustable lower temperature limit for ventilation was reached.
    As ventilation units 12 V – devices as well as devices on 230 V AC power can be used. For connecting 230 V – devices the additional relay connection unit JT-Rel-HL has to be used.

    Connecting terminals of the device

    The Light Manger unit (JT-PLM) has following terminal connections:
    1. Connection for a separate 12 V DC wall plug transformer, the connection of a 12 V solar power supply is also possible. An integrated polarity protection prevents the device from damage by voltage reversal. The operation of the device with common batteries like AA or AAA a.s.o. is not possible.
    2. Connection for an additional external light sensor (an essential sensor to be used inside of the shed if the controller unit is fixed outside of the shed)
    3. Connection for an additional external temperature sensor (an essential sensor to be used inside of the shed if the controller unit is fixed outside of the shed). The additional sensor mentioned under point 2. and 3. are not necessary if the controller is mounted inside the shed.
    4. Connection for LED lamps
    5. Connection for T5 - fluorescent tubes (it means connection for the switching voltage, connection for auxiliary relays)
    6. Connection for heater (it means connection for an auxiliary relay)
    7. Connection for Ventilator (it means connection for an auxiliary relay)

    The Light Manager itself uses just a low voltage of 12 V AC. So it is safe for the costumer to make some connections himself.

    The connections of 230 V – devices to the additional relay units like JT-Rel-HS and JT-Rel-LS have only to be made by qualified professionals.

    Installation of the device

    The controller device (JT-PLM) can be fixed outside of the poultry house (IP 65) as well as inside. The wall plug transformer is just applicable for inside use.

    Handling of the device

    The operation of the light controller (JT-PLM) is easy done. It is just necessary to adjust the desired parameters. That can be done by using the setup menu. All adjustable values will be shown on the display. It is not necessary to open the device to do these adjustments. The descriptions of the operations are given in the operating manual.
    The display shows following adjustable conditions and values (dependent on context):
    1. Current time of the day.
    Switching time for artificial sunrise
    Switching time for “light off” in the evening

    2. Temperature outside*
    temperature inside*

    3. Brightness outside*
    Brightness inside*

    4. External devices **
    Heater ON/OFF
    Ventilator ON/OFF

    5. Light controller

    In addition to the display a permanent status indication is given by LEDs which are mounted on the motherboard of the controller and are visible through the lid of the transparent casing. Following conditions are indicated by the LEDs:

    1. Dimming or lighting ON/OFF
    2. Heater ON/OFF
    3. Ventilator ON/OFF

    The integrated digital clock is battery-backed, includes an automatic switch-over between standard time and daylight saving time and continues to run in fact of a power interruption (only the internal clock, not the time display). The input data are saved in the system and will be restored after a power cut. Then the power is back, the device will reinitialize and will load again the user defined data sets. A new setup is not necessary.

    * Device is outside mounted or an additional remote temperature sensor is connected (to order extra).

    ** External devices will be connected via a separate power module (to order extra). A 230 V-AC power connection is required to operate external devices.


    Poultry Light Manager dimensions: 120 x 120 x 55 mm

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