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JT-HK Gate Control Unit with 12 V plug Transformer

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  • Article description

    JT-HK (Gate Control Unit)

    also called a hen house flap gate or electronic door opener / closer ( Automatic Hen House Door Opener / Closer ) automatically opens and closes flap gates or other optionally available vertical sliding gates using a cable pull on the poultry or hen house, aviary, or small animal enclosure via a dimmer switch and has an additionally selectable delay of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. The sensitivity of the integrated dimmer switch can be set separately for light and darkness. If there is an animal under the flap the closing process, the motor of the automatic chicken flap JT-HK is automatically stopped when it is put on. The emergency stop closing procedure is repeated 2 times automatically. The emergency stop function is deactivated on the fourth closing attempt.
    The JT-HK has a load-limiting device which performs shutdown in the event of the sliding gate being block or being subject to a level of weight that is too high. The JT-HK is suitable for assembly indoors or outdoors and does not open in the event of a storm (lightening).
    The mounted motor shaft and motor mounting bracket of the JT-HK  are made of solid stainless steel and therefore no maintenance is required.
    The gate control unit functions without a mechanical limit switch and is therefore less susceptible to malfunctions.

    Further options:
    - Connection for external push-buttons available
    - Connection for external remote indication available
    - Connection for external light control available

    If you assembly the KS indoors, your require an outdoor light sensor (SFH).

    With our optionally available menu-driven electronic clock timer, the following functions can be set.
    - JT-HK opens or closes only with the clock timer, the light sensor (SFH) is idle
    - JT-HK opens or closes only via the light sensor (SFH), the clock timer is idle
    - JT-HK opens or closes with the clock timer and light sensor (SFH)
    - JT-HK opens or closes with the clock timer or light sensor (SFH)

    With the optionally available FB radio remote control, you can manually control the JT-HK.

    The JT-HK should be fastened in such a way that the internal cord is pulled straight out of the JT-HK Electronic Gate Control Unit. Avoid pulling it out at an angle!

    The sliding gate or the flap gate must fastened in the state of being open using the cord (cable pull) at the fastening point (adjusting ring), which is located at the bottom side of the housing (see assembly).

    The cord (cable pull) of the sliding gate or the flap gate can be guided using the deflection rollers or the guide pulleys; therefore, attachment of the JT-HK is variable (see assembly examples).

    Scope of delivery:
    - JT-HK (Gate Control Unit) with integrated light sensor (SFH)
    - Plug-in power supply 12 V DC  (Approved for indoor use!)

    Not an assembly kit, no handicraft work, but a unit that is immediately ready for use!


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