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mini washing machine for wall mounting - latest model WGD-02M2WK07BDT as a fully automatic machine!

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WEEE Reg.-Nr. DE58973207
Artikel Nr. WGD-02M2WK07BDT
Gewicht 16.500 kg
EAN 8809721511701
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    Do you want to buy a mobile home ? Or a bigger boat?
    Then one thing must not be missing. The world's first wall-mounted washing machine with BLDC motor and fuzzy logic function . For daily and easy washing.
    Thanks to the Emerald Drum , delicate laundry can also be washed, and its special structure also protects the laundry. The device can also be installed in a mobile home/caravan/boat, so you always have fresh laundry on the go. Unlimited freedom when traveling with your motorhome or boat trip Enjoy even more by being independent of washing stations or laundries on the way.

    With the dimensions W / H / D - 55 / 60 / 29.2 cm, it sets standards in terms of construction.

    The mini washing machine is an innovative washing machine, the only one that can be wall mounted. The mini washing machine has a capacity of 1.5 kg and a spin speed of 700 rpm. and an inverter motor.

    It couldn't be more compact. ( data sheet )

    • Washing temperature: 20/40/60/80°C
    • Normal spin at 700 rpm
    • 2 dispenser compartments for detergent
    • extra clear flush function
    • 6 washing programs: cotton 40°C and 60°C; synthetic 20°C ; baby care ; Sling ; ECO cotton 40°C / 60°C
    • 29 min. quick wash cycle (20°C synthetic program) reduces water and electricity consumption by 14% compared to normal front-loaders
    • LED display for remaining time
    • 220-240V / 1400W power
    • Filling quantity/nominal capacity 1.5 kg * Weight 16.5 kg
    • Energy consumption 99.9 kWh / year (based on 220 standard wash cycles)  
    • Water consumption 6600 l/year (based on 220 standard washing cycles)  
    • Child safety, door lock, 180° door opening

    Note the instructions for wall mounting the mini washing machine!

    Suitable walls:
    + concrete walls – solid brick walls (Mz12)
    + solid sand-lime brick walls (KS 12)
    + sand-lime hollow brick walls (KSL 4)
    + perforated brick walls (HLz 4)

    Advantages of the mini washing machine:

    • very compact with small dimensions
    • full washing machine
    • wall mounting
    • light weight 16.5 kg

    Disadvantages of the mini washing machine

    • Suitable walls for safe assembly must be available
    • Drainage for waste water required, no drain pump available, so this or a lifting system may have to be installed additionally when installed in the mobile home or boat
    • Spin speed at 700 rpm

    ATTENTION : It is important to note that the installation must be carried out by a specialist and that there must be sufficient clearance around the machine: 70 cm in front, 57.6 cm on the right (measured from the center of the device), 10.5 cm above and below the device, or 22.0 cm each from the drilling template (= 10.5 cm for A1 and 11.5 cm for A2). If the drain is higher than the drain on the mini washing machine, then an external drain pump, lifting system, etc. must be installed.


    maximum wash load 1500 grams Drum volume 2 liters no delayed start Special allergy Spin speed 700 rpm Induction motor reliable and quiet no energy label necessary Noise development 65 db

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    WEEE Reg.-Nr.:   DE58973207

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