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Just picking food in the free range is not sufficient for the animals. In any case, a high-quality and balanced chicken feed should be provided for the animals. Chickens should have access to food and, of course, fresh water all day. This is because they cannot build up food reserves and cannot really store nutrients in their bodies for long. Therefore, they scratch and peck blithely for food almost all day.

Chicken feed should have a balanced and varied composition:

    Grains: wheat, corn, barley, oats and rye, germinated cereals.
    Soft feed: potatoes, potato peelings, cooked pasta or cooked rice.
    Green fodder: grass, clover, alfalfa, nettle, herbs, salad leaves, meadow cuttings
    Fruit & vegetables: fallen fruit such as apples, pears or cherries, watermelons, cucumbers, shaved carrots, zucchini
    Worms and insects
    Kitchen scraps: In pieces suitable for chickens, kitchen waste such as pasta, boiled potatoes and co. are a delicious feast for the animals.

From nature, the animals are provided with seeds, greens, small insects, worms and berries. The chicken feed in the enclosure or free range should also contain these food components. Thus the feather friends receive all important nutrients and deficiency symptoms, as well as nutrition-related diseases are prevented.

The chicken laying grain and chicken laying meal is particularly suitable for laying hens due to its high content of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and trace elements and should be fed in a 1:1 mixture with our chicken feed - so your hens are optimally and completely supplied.

A special highlight is a grain mix. It offers the chickens a varied and tasty occupation. It encourages pecking and scratching and thus promotes the natural behavior of your animals. We've mixed select grains with sunflower seeds and clamshell for an all-around delicious occupation.

Sprinkle the grain mix directly into the run or fresh hay to give your chickens a sustainable, long-lasting occupation and allow them to forage and peck for their own food in a completely natural way.

Chicken chicks and pullets need different nutrients than adult chickens. Our range of products for chicks and pullets is optimally adapted to this, so that chickens are provided with the best possible nutrition from day 1!

If chicks and pullets are not optimally supplied during rearing, this can have long-term negative effects on the health and well-being of the animals. The mineralization as well as the protein content of our feed is therefore exactly adapted to the needs of the growing chickens. High-quality linseed and valuable brewer's yeast round off our delicious feed for chicks and pullets!

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