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Information on the disposal of old electrical equipment

Extended information obligations according to § 18 ElektroG

In connection with the sale of electrical and electronic equipment, we are obliged to draw your attention to the

Do not dispose of old devices in the household waste
  1. All electronic devices that can be used in private households are marked with the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin. The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin according to Appendix 3 of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act means that unsorted municipal waste from electrical and electronic equipment must be collected separately.
  2. The owners of old devices must collect them separately from unsorted municipal waste. Old devices must not be disposed of with household waste.
  3. Old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device without destroying them, must be separated from the old device in a non-destructive manner before being handed over to a collection point.
  4. According to §17 ElektroG, JOSTechnik is not obliged to take back old devices.
    For reference to the legal text:

    distributors according to § 17 ElektroG, these are those who have a sales area for electrical and electronic devices of at least 400 square meters and distributors of food with a total sales area of ​​at least 800 square meters who sell electrical and electronic devices several times a calendar year or permanently offer and make available on the market.

    However, you can formally send us a request to return an old device.

  5. For private households, it is possible to return them to the municipal collection points in your city or municipality. You can use the following link to display an online directory of collection and return points in your area:
  6. We would like to expressly point out that end users themselves are responsible for deleting personal data on the old devices to be disposed of.
  7. We are also obliged to inform you about the annual information regarding the fulfillment of the quantitative targets according to § 10 paragraph 3 and § 22 paragraph 1 of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. You can view these here: Economy/waste-types-waste-streams/electro-und-electronics-altgeraete

An overview of the device categories and the devices recorded in each case can be found at:


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