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HK-Bat + BIO flap 420x370mm for chicken farming

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  • Article description

    HK-BAT + circuit attracting light

    for battery operation with 4xAA batteries or power supply 6V DC oroptional with solar kit from JOSTechnik .

    Automatic HK-BAT chicken coop door opener with plug-in power supply and door/sliding gate! The HK-BAT automatic chicken coop door opener from JOSTechnik, which can also be called an automatic actuator or electronic gatekeeper, automatically opens and closes chicken or poultry coop doors or vertical sliding gates via a pull cord according to light or time.

    The sensitivity of the light sensor can be set to different levels for light and darkness.

    The batteries last about 8 months, depending on the quality and manufacturer. The battery icon in the standard indicator of the display flashes when the charge of the batteries is below 25%. The use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended.

    The HK-BAT opens and closes automatic flaps at the poultry and chicken coop, aviary or small animal enclosure by dusk or time or in combination of both.

    Real emergency stop or emergency opening function:

    If an animal is under the door when it closes, the motor will automatically stop upon contact and the door will open again immediately. The closing operation is then automatically repeated. Unlike with other manufacturers’ products, no animal has to free itself from the weight of the door!

    This function can be deactivated in the settings.

    The HK-BAT won’t open during a storm (in the case of lightning). 230V /12V DC plug-in power supply (certified for indoor use!).

    Optional connectivity:

    • Connection for external push-button available (for manual OPEN and CLOSE).
    • Outdoor light sensor. (If HK-Bat is mounted indoors, an external outdoor light sensor is required)
    • Attraction light 6V 3W

    The following functions can be set on the integrated display:

    Date and time:

    • Current time
    • Current Date


    • DE (German)
    • FR (French)
    • EN (English)
    • SV (Svenks)
    • CZ (Český)
    • IT  (Italiano)


    Operating modes for opening and closing, the combinations between twilight sensor and timer.

    • Time & Light
      • Opening time for morning. Flap is opened when it is light and the set opening time has been reached. Both conditions must apply.
      • Closing time delay for evening. The flap is closed when it gets dark and when the set closing time delay (in minutes) has been reached or has expired. Both conditions must apply.
    • Time o light (+ time delay)
      • One of the set conditions for twilight or time must be reached.
    • Time only
      • Lighting conditions are ignored.
    • Light only (+ time delay)
      • The set % value of the light sensor must be reached. Then the flap closes immediately or after the set closing time delay
    • Manual operation
      • Open and close with button

    Attraction light:

    • With power supply via plug-in power supply 230V / 6V DC or solar module, an attract light with light strip 6V DC 3W can be switched.
    • Attracting light turns on at dusk and before closing the flap.

    Trailing for self-locking flaps:

    • The on-carriage for self-locking can be set by yourself

    Emergency stop:

    • Emergency stop is triggered a maximum of 3 times on the 4th attempt is finally closed.

    Mounting instructions

    If the unit is installed indoors or if the installation location is shaded, an external outdoor light sensor is required. For wall mounting, only use the 4 pre-drilled openings in the corners of the housing, each next to the cover fastening.
    This prevents moisture from getting into the enclosure.
    The cable between the fastening nut and the motor rewind must be guided vertically out of the enclosure to the flap or a pulley. Diagonal pull must be avoided.

    The connecting cable between the flap actuator and the flap is not included in the scope of delivery, except for the frame unit.

    Scope of delivery

    • HK-BAT with integrated light sensor, menu-driven display
    • Dimensions: width 120 mm, length 120 mm, height 55 mm
    • wound-up pull cord
    • 4xAA battery
    • 230 V / 6 V DC plug-in power supply unit (approved for indoor use only!)
    • flap or frame unit in the specified size, with mounting accessories

    Due to the manufacturing process, there may be slight scratches on the aluminium parts of the flaps, which do not impair the functionality and therefore do not represent a defect!

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    WEEE Reg.-Nr.:   DE58973207
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