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HKM chicken door multi-stall

Chicken flap multi-stall

HKM - Set of flap controller HK3 and 1 - 4 drive units for additional flaps

Control up to 5 flaps with a single flap actuator.
Ideal for large barns with multiple entrances. So not all animals push through a single opening. Or you would like to let individual groups outdoors one after the other.

HK3 chicken flap with switching attracting light
The HK3 opens and closes automatic flaps on poultry and chicken coops, aviaries or small animal enclosures at dusk or time or in a combination of both.

The HKM set contains between 1 and 4 additional drives for the flap actuator HK3. These open and close flaps either by setting from the HK3 or with remote buttons.
In the event of a power failure, an emergency supply battery is only used to close the flap.

The main system HK3 and the drive units are connected via a special 4-wire cable or the cheaper version with network cable Cat 5 or better. Here, 2 pairs of wires are used together as one line. Not included in delivery, please order separately.

Real emergency stop or emergency opening function:

If there is an animal under the slide during the closing process, the motor is automatically stopped and the flap is opened again immediately. The closing process is automatically repeated several times. No animal has to free itself under the weight of the flap, as is usual with all other manufacturers!
This feature can be disabled in the settings.

Variants with and without emergency power failure protection

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