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ALMA BASICA treadle feeders 19 L

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Artikel Nr. 7220
Gewicht 4.230 kg
EAN 8068057261679
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  • Article description

    ALMA BASICA pedal feeder 19 L

    ALMA basica made of galvanized sheet metal has been designed to avoid any waste of feed.
    Only when the animal steps on the treads, the tilt door opens and gives access to the feed.
    Inside, there is a special anti-waste grid that prevents animals from throwing the feed on the floor.
    In addition, the closed design of ALMA basica ensures that the feed is protected from rain and inaccessible to other birds, mice or vermin, preventing the proliferation of dirt and dangerous diseases.
    In addition, Alma basica has 12 weight settings for opening the tilt door: from 300 g to 700 g for items 7260 and 7270 and from 300 g to 1100 g for items 7220 and 7230. The larger models (items 7220 and 7230) allow two animals to feed at the same time.

    ALMA basic is partially pre-assembled, no tools are required to assemble the supplied components.

    Technical features:

    Sloping roof: designed to facilitate the drainage of water from the top and the drainage of condensation that may form inside.
    Plastic accessories: hinges for the movement of the tilt door and lid are designed to last longer
    Plastic feet: support feet made of plastic avoid direct contact of the sheet with the floor, preventing inevitable oxidation that affects the life of the feeder
    Rounded drip edge: prevents poultry from injuring themselves while feeding and prevents feed from getting soaked when it rains
    Anti-waste grid: made of plastic material, prevents birds from spilling feed
    Adjustment cable: used to adjust the weight required to open the tilt door. Easy to assemble and adjust without tools !
    Tread: provide a stable and comfortable support for the bird.

    Do not use powder feed in this treadle feeder !

    Weight: 4,23 kg
    Dimension: 33,2 x 22,3 x 46,7 cm
    Capacity with feed pellets: approx. 14 kg

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