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Radio Remote Control JT-FB

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WEEE Reg.-Nr. DE58973207
Artikel Nr. FB4T1S
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EAN 0054047836290
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  • Article description

    JOSTechnik - radio remote control JT-FB4T

    for manual operation of the automatic chicken flap or flap actuator PHB2 and PHB2-R... (not HK-Bat and HK-Bat-R...) . With the radio remote control JT-FB4T you can wirelessly open or close the PHB2 and PHB2-R... and / or switch the lighting on and off, but not dim it.
    After operating the radio remote control to open and close the flap  ,  a complete cycle must always be completed before the flap actuator switches back to automatic mode! If the light is switched on manually but not switched off, the lighting is automatically switched off at 11:00 p.m. when the device switches to the night time range.

    When ordered together with the flap actuator devices PHB2, the radio remote control is installed. Otherwise easy to retrofit, since it is simply plugged onto the existing connection  .
    Not suitable if a solar energy set or batteries are selected as the power supply, as the receiver constantly draws electricity!

    Scope of delivery:
    Radio remote control - 4 buttons with 1 transmitter and 1 associated receiver

    Outdoor range: approx. 20 - 30 m

    Attention: When retrofitting , the  radio remote control must be trained! See note on invoice, delivery note !!!

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    WEEE Reg.-Nr.:   DE58973207
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