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automatic chicken flap HK2 with plug-in power supply 12V + timer, control attraction light

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  • Article description

    Automatic chicken flap HK2AE with timer, light sensor and control system Attraction light ( without flap/pushers ) Control and drive unit separate

    also called a hen house flap gate or electronic door opener / closer ( Automatic Hen House Door Opener / Closer ) automatically opens and closes flap gates or other optionally available vertical sliding gates using a cable pull on the poultry or hen house, aviary, or small animal enclosure via a dimmer switch.

    The drive unit in its own housing is connected to the control unit via a 7-core cable (not included in delivery). The motor with shaft and the light sensor are located in the housing of the drive unit.

    Emergency stop or emergency opening function
    Should an animal be under the slider during the closing process, the motor of the automatic chicken flap JT-HK is automatically stopped when it is put on. The emergency stop closing process is repeated 2 more times automatically. On the fourth closing attempt, the emergency stop function is deactivated. No animal has to free itself under the resting load of the flap, as is common with all other manufacturers.

    Integrated lure light and lighting circuit Non-dimmable 230 V lighting as so-called lure light or as lighting can be connected and switched using an additional connection module. 12V LED lamps up to 12W can be connected directly to the device.

    The lure light is automatically switched on the evening before the flap is closed. The light sensitivity for switching on the light can be adjusted in the menu on the display.
    After the flap is closed, the lighting duration of the lure light can also be set in the menu to switch it off automatically.

    The optional (additional) radio remote control FB-4T (with 4 keys) can be used to switch the lighting in the barn on and off manually.

    Further options:
    - Connection for external push-buttons available
    - Connection for external remote indication available
    - Connection for external light control available

    If you assembly the HK2 indoors, your require an outdoor light sensor.

    With our optionally available menu-driven electronic clock timer, the following functions can be set.
    - HK2AE opens or closes only with the clock timer, the light sensor is idle
    - HK2AE opens or closes only via light sensor, clock timer is idle
    - HK2AE opens or closes with the clock timer and light sensor
    - HK2AE opens or closes with the clock timer or light sensor

    With the optionally available FB radio remote control, you can manually control the HK2AE.

    Connection to plug-in power supply 230V / 12 V DC. The drive unit of the HK2AE should be mounted so that the internal cord is pulled straight out of the drive unit. Avoid diagonal pull! Control unit can be mounted anywhere. When open, the slider or the flap must be fastened by means of a connecting cord (not included in the scope of delivery) to the fastening point (aluminium nut), which is located on the underside of the housing of the drive unit when delivered. ( see installation )
    The cord (cable pull) of the slider or the flap can be guided over cable or pulleys, therefore the mounting of the HK2AE is variable. (see mounting examples).

    Scope of delivery without flap/slider, connecting cord and fixing material:
    - automatic chicken flap HK2AE - control unit with menu-guided timer, incl. control for attraction light and lighting circuit Dimensions: width 120 mm, length 120 mm, height 55 mm + drive unit in its own housing with motor and wound-up pull cord with fastening nut,
    - 230 V / 12 V DC plug-in power supply (approved for indoor use!), Ordernumber: 226

    Not an assembly kit, no handicraft work, but a unit that is immediately ready for use!

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    WEEE Reg.-Nr.:   DE58973207
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    plug-in power supply 230V / 12V DC 1,0A

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