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You run an online store or stationary trade and are looking for a reliable supplier of goods?
We will be happy to offer you our products.

Contact us and we will provide you with special prices in our e-shop, where you can easily order your goods and check availability.
We are also happy to be your partner in dropshipping, where we pack the order on your behalf and ship it directly to your customer, if you do not want to worry about warehousing and other problems.

The advantages of dropshipping

The barrier to entry with direct trade is very low, making it particularly suitable for people who are just getting started with e-commerce.

One of the biggest advantages with dropshipping is that you can get started with a low starting chapter.

No storage and shipping cost.

Another advantage with dropshipping is that the product doesn't have to go through the store owner's hands first, nor does it have to be stored.

Likewise, dropshippers don't have to worry about surplus products that simply don't sell and end up gathering dust in the warehouse.

This is because direct shipping saves you storage and shipping costs.

Low initial costs Because of the (seemingly) low initial costs, the dropshipping model is a practical way to test new products or get your first experience in e-commerce.

High flexibility

Due to the high flexibility, you can also offer a much wider range of products, as you don't have to store the goods in a costly way first.

Likewise, not having a warehouse allows you to manage the store from anywhere in the world. A stable Internet connection is a prerequisite.


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